Sessions and Workshops

Equine Enrich workshops are well suited to


Consider a regular SELF CARE DAY

with Equine Enrich

Taking bookings for individual couples and family sessions now

Workshops running periodically on different topics

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Individual, couples and family sessions

We offer individual sessions, sessions for couples and families. on any of our topics.  They run for an hour.

Six session packages are available. There is a 5% discount for up front payments.

Individual Hour sessions: First session $80

Follow up sessions $100

Couples: two hour sessions $200

Families: two hour sessions $250 

  Half day workshops

We run half day workshops on one of our topics. Half day workshops run for 4 hours and have space for 5 to 10 participants.

per person $250

group booking up to 5 participants $1000

group booking for up to 10 participants $1800

sessions and workshop topics

Protecting and Building Confidence

Relaxation and Reflection

Personal Growth through Awareness

Increase Comunication through Body Language

Leadership, Collaboration and Teamwork



All Equine Enrich activities are on the ground only.

There is NO riding involved

Equine Enrich is NOT Therapy,

but a unique form of personal development;

awareness, learning and skills building

Outcomes and Skills

  • Awareness of inner world and outer world their relationship
  • awareness of our “narrative/ story” and its relationship to self and other
  • increasing awareness: somatic (gut, emotions, beliefs, behaviours)
  • body language awareness and adaption, less aggressive, or more assertive,
  • enhancing communication skills through adjusting body language
  • learning more about how we come across to other people
  • Thresholds, comfort zones, management of fear and anxiety,
  • learn to protect, and build confidence
  • understand the part competence plays in developing confidence.
  • learning to listen to instincts
  • recognise boundaries being crossed
  • read other people’s boundaries
  • the need for boundaries for safety and setting them early and holding them
  • emotional independence, agility and resilience