What happens in a workshop

Circle up

We  all meet at “Haven” (our meeting house) for registration and a cuppa. The day starts with a circle up and we introduce ourselves and chat about what we would like to get out of the day.  Then we introduce you to the horses and tell you a bit about your facilators. The first activity is to make an agreement to be responsible for ourselves and contribute to the safety of the group.

Day’s Activities

We do a series of activities, both observing and interacting with the horses. We observe their behaviour towards each other, meet them, brush them, lead  them and other creative activities. the participants don’t need any horse experience. They can engage at a level they ae comfortable with, each activity is invitational.

 Equine Enrich is NOT riding, horsemanship or therapy.


Equine enrich is a unique experience of awareness, learning and personal development ,where the horse drives the process throughout the session. The day is structured with activities that build on each other, to give participants opportunity for changes in how they see themselves, the world and others. Horses are innately and uniquely gifted to catalyse growth as we engage with them. The outcomes can be profound, and definitely memorable.


After each activity we gather together and give people a chance to share what they observed or  experienced. We talk about how they can apply   what they leaned to everyday life. Listening to other people’s observations and experiences enriches the experience further.

Take home

We gather at the end of the activities to reflect on the day and what stood out the most to us and solidifies the day for us