Why the horse?

#1 Horses actually effect our physiology. As more reasearch is being undertaken, our understanding of equine therapy and learning is gaining momentum. The magnetic field of a horse’s heart has the remarkable ability to influence our Heart Rate Variability, and, indirectly other physiological states, such as brainwaves and breathing. Other studies demonstrate that being in the presence of horses has many positive effects on our well being. Horses generally exist in a more congruent state than we do and can help balance us out. 

#2 Horses help us understand ourselves. Horses have similar responses to people when it comes to safety.  The flight, fight or freeze responses we have are how horses react too.

#3 Horses are a unique form of feedback. They detect human states and respond to them. Our social status, appearance, history, race or personality does not matter to them. They have no pretense, or agenda. They sense us innately and respond instinctively and so are unfiltered in their feedback.

#4 Immersive Experience. This sort of experience often shifts core beliefs with less cognitive effort, and can bypass the conscious mind altogether

#5 Horses require congruency, and sense incongruency


 –  gut: They need us to have a calm grounded, emotional equilibrium

heart: They need an attitude of empathy and a grace, where we keep an approving, open, playful, affirming posture towards them as we relate to them.

Mind: They need us to focus on what we are doing and have clear intention about what we want from them.

Body: They need a relaxed, clear, assertive body language to be able to understand our communication with them.

To  be able to work with horses, we need to see our incongruencies, and make adjustments so horse can comfortably partner with us.

 “The beautiful thing about horses is how they change us as people. Rarely in our human relationships do we get the clear, visual feedback on our communication and presence as we do with horses. Few mindfulness activities are so effective in reducing anxiety as the ones I can do with my horse. As a therapist myself, I can vouch for Simone’s approach to personal healing, reflection and growth. She is committed to facilitating honest and genuine relationship, reflection, respect and resilience.” Jess Sowden