31TH October

9AM TO 11.30PM

Equine Enrich invites you to press pause and join us for a morning of restoration on Saturday the 31st of October.

A time of quiet unwind, relaxed hang out time with the horses, a slow cup of tea and a self-reflection journey walk to the river will offer you an opportunity to retreat, breathe and feed your soul. Hope you can join us! 

(Wear sturdy shoes, hat, sunscreen and aeroguard and bring a waterbottle) 




Equine enrich is running a “Protecting and Building Confidence” workshop. We will cover thresholds, stretching your comfort zone, competence and confidence, and managing panic.
It is at the discounted price of $160 with a non refundable booking fee of $40.
Please contact us directly to book in and reserve your place.
Please ask us about our fully sponsored positions.
This is NOT a horsemanship workshop, or therapy. This is a personal development workshop. We address confidence as a general theme not confidence specifically with horses.
There is not riding in the workshop all interactions are on the ground.

We would love to have you join us. 


Equine enrich is running a series of afternoon sessions for teenaged girls this term.

We will be covering:


Week One

Awareness, discovering how our emotions thoughts, bodies and worldviews interact, having an intentional worldview, self-regulating, knowing the stories we tell ourselves, knowing where our responsibilities begin and end.

Week Two

Communication: using body language to enhance communication, calm confident posture, reading other people, respecting, using I statements,

Week three

Protecting and building confidence

  1. Stretching our comfort zone, thresholds, competence, assertiveness,

Week four

  1. Boundaries, safe people, choosing the voices we let speak into our lives, zones of intimacy.

Week five

Leadership and team work

  1. Styles, positions and principles of leadership.

Week six

  1. practicing good leadership and being a good following


The sessions will run from 4.30 to 6.30 on a Thursday and are $50 per participant

The model we use is an experiential learning model and is invitational. We will learn about a topic, and then run a series of activities working with the horses, and then debrief them. Each participant will have different experiences and learnings from the sessions. This can be a profound experience and presents opportunities for significant change. If they choose, the participants can develop many pivotal life skills, equipping them to better navigate themselves, others life in general.


(Wear sturdy shoes, hat, sunscreen and aeroguard and bring a waterbottle)